Despite the vastly long existence of the discipline of classical philology, there are far too few editions of texts designed to make them available, accessible, and approachable for readers.

IN USUM seeks to address that gap.

The Latin texts included on this site have been edited by Randall Childree. These editions are not based on fresh examinations of manuscripts, but on the information found in the apparatus criticus of published editions. The texts found here will be reliable, but might not be considered authoritative.

Vowel length has been indicated as a rule by macrons; the benefits to pronunciation provided by it far outweigh any compunctions about “how the Romans wrote,” especially in a world of punctuation marks and lowercase letters. This marking is made possible by the amazing Latin Macronizer of Johan Winge. Morphological and vocabulary information has been created computationally — but thereafter edited by hand, checked and rechecked. (Data from Haverford’s Bridge and/or the Perseus or Harrington treebanks have sometimes served as comparanda.)

The data attached to these texts should include few mistakes, but I cannot hope to have eliminated them all. I’d love to correct the errors of morphology or definition that remain: please email me with any you find!

The choice of texts added reflects partly my own scholarly interests, partly a desire to make more (and more obscure) texts available. If there’s something in particular you’d like to see added here, email me and make a pitch for your favorite text! Likewise, if you use these texts yourself or in a classroom setting, I'd be very happy to hear about it. Please send an email and let me know!

The texts and associated information are published under a CC BY-SA licence.